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      At Pennies, Pounds & Pesos your right to privacy is of paramount importance.  Our primary objective to protect all of the information that you supply to us. Therefore, any information that you do provide will be held in the strictest confidence and safeguarded with normally accepted practices.  The term "coin shoppe" in this document will mean the same as Pennies, Pounds & Pesos.
       Pennies, Pounds & Pesos does not disseminate, give, sell, share, or transfer your information with, or to anyone or to any third party, for any reason!  The coin shoppe holds all personal data in the strictest confidence. 
       Pennies, Pounds & Pesos uses cookies.  Cookies are short files that are placed in your computer by the server hosting the website you are browsing.  Normally, cookies collect a very limited amount of data from your computer, like your ip address, date and time.  In that respect, cookies are most often used to find out how many times you visit a website and how long you stay at that website.  Most websites, and certainly all commercial websites, use cookies.  Cookies cannot gather and/or transfer personal data, from your computer back to a website's server.  However, some commercial websites can tell if you buy something from them, and even what you've purchased.  The only information collected by the cookies used by Pennies, Pounds & Pesos is what part of the country a visitor is from (detail is limited to city, state and country), the number of visitors to our website, how long the visitor stays and what pages they access.  It can also be determined, to some extent, if the visitor is a first time visitor or if they are a returning visitor.  We do not gather, or have the capability to gather, any personal information!  For more information and explanation about how cookies work, please read about Cookies.  This is only one page for you to read and I highly recommend this website if you are not familiar with how cookies work.
       Pennies, Pounds & Pesos can ensure the protection of your personal information because we do not keep any coin shoppe data on any server, anywhere.  Our database, like sales information, is kept on a personal computer.  Standard security measures are in place which prevent unauthorized access to any data not specifically provided on our website.  Rest assured, if any personal data is placed on our website, it is with the prior permission of the person or persons that it may be in reference to.
       Pennies, Pounds & Pesos wants to better understand you; our customers, guests and potential customers, and your needs.  Our goal is to enhance our service to all of you.  Any and all information obtained from you is for our internal use only.  If you have questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Statement, you should contact us by either sending us an email or writing us at the following address:

George Mavrelos
Pennies, Pounds & Pesos
211 South Orange Street
Media, PA  19063

Please include a brief note describing the reason that you are writing and a preferred method of how you wish to be contacted.

  George Mavrelos, Owner
Pennies, Pounds & Pesos