1893 Isabella Quarter Proof
1893 Isabella Quarter Proof, obverse
Production began on June 13, 1893.  The 400th, 1492nd and 1892nd pieces struck were selected and documented by the mint and forwarded to the Chicago Historical.

It appears that 103 proofs were struck.  The first 100 and the three mentioned above.

This is a very rare coin and one of the very few early commemorative proofs available to collectors.  Thank
you to Anthony Swiatek and the late Walter Breen for this information.

The 1893 Isabella 25C   NGC Proof 61    $5,000.00
1893 Isabella Quarter Proof, reverse

  1956-F German,  1 Mark
  The 1956-F Germany,  1 Mark  NGC MS-66  $500.00         
      1873-A Greece,  2 D
  The 1873-A Greece,  2 D  NGC XF-45  $600.00                   
1956-F Germany, 1 Mark, obverse
1956-F Germany, 1 Mark, reverse
    1873-A Greece, 2 D
1873-A Greece, 2 D, reverse
  1932 Austria 2 Schillings
  The 1932 Austria 2 Schillings  NGC MS-63    $225.00
  The Joseph Haydn issue. Note: This slab has an NGC
  Labeling Error, it should read "1932 Austria 2" (Schillings).
      1961 Alabama,  Mobile 250th Anniversary
  1961 Alabama  HK-587 SC$  NGC MS-66   $150.00
1932 Austria 25 Shillings, obverse
1932 Austria 25 Shillings, reverse
    1961 Alabama So-Called dollar, obverse
1961 Alabama So-Called dollar, reverse
..1873-B Switzerland 5 R
..The 1873-B Switzerland 5 R  NGC MS-64  $175.00

...1908 Great Britain 6 Pence
...The 1908 G Britain 6 P  NGC AU-58    $100.00
1873-B Switzerland 5 R, obverse
1873-B Switzerland 5 R, reverse..Reverse

1908 Great Britain 6 Pence, obverse
1908 Great Britain 6 Pence, reverse